Delegate Windows Admin Rights... Today.

Protect local administrator access and safely delegate specific rights to your Service Desk, Developers or even non-technical staff.

Focus on what matters most, make the audit team happy and get work done faster. Oh, and your CEO probably likes saving money too.

See how much with the Savings Calculator below or download it today. Setup takes minutes, not days.

How many hours per administrator, per week are spent on tasks that could be performed by a first level support person if given the right access?

How many administrators perform these Windows server administration tasks now?

Total number of Windows servers that your administration team supports?

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Why Delegate?

Local administrator access should only be used by a small number of highly trusted people in your organization. And even then, only when necessary.

Protecting your Windows Server infrastructure reduces risk of data breaches and unauthorized access or changes to sensitive data.

How It Works

Tell System Frontier™ exactly what permissions users should have on your servers. They'll be able to pull up a web interface to easily perform remote management.

Don't worry, every action is logged for easy audit and compliance reporting.

Easy Pricing

  • Only pay for managed servers.
  • Delegate to unlimited users.
  • Add unlimited custom tools.

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